50 fanfics table

I feel I need to get back into the wonderful of fanfiction and so I've taken my new favorite obsession (Cable/Deadpool/X-Man) and decided to claim them for a challenge table...God help me. :)

001.Finish 002.Nothing 003.Alone 004.Desperate 005.Down
006.Tongue 007.Hair 008.Kiss 009.Smile 010.Imagine
011.Defy 012.Notice 013.Celebrate 014.Morgue 015.Charm
016.Bath 017.Dance 018.Scream 019.Kick 020.Feel
021.Stutter 022.Learn 023.Fight 024.Steal 025.Fascinate
026.Forget 027.Hurt 028.Never 029.Close 030.Fade
031.Direction 032.Road 033.Question 034.Between 035.Trap
036.Dress 037.Admit 038.Chance 039.Believe 040.Dream
041.Shine 042.Tied 043.Conspire 044.Couple 045.Undercover
046.Care 047.Creep 048.Empty 049.Bones 050.Writers' Choice

Writer's Block: You and me and baby makes three

Do you think having children is a fundamental human right? Should there should be any restrictions?
A right? No, the choice to have a child is just that, a choice and nothing more. Its something people get to do by the grace of having human reproductive organs and hardly something they are entitled to.

And there aren't restrictions but I think all people wish there were a few.

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For Your Entertainment
Author: Rochelle B
Fandom: Sanctuary
Spoilers: Everything, not including the ‘Kali’ stuff.
Pairings: Henry/OMC and Ashley/Kate. I think. Also one sided Henry/Ash and Henry/Kate and some Ashley/OMC for good measure.
Un-beated, but if anyone out there is offering…
Summary: Obsession is like love, only dark, twisted, and oh so wrong…so really, nothing like love. Ashley isn’t dead and Henry should be thrilled but the newest Sanctuary resident is all he can think about.
Rating: Nc-17. This will eventually get dirty. Yay.
Warnings: Boys touching Boys, language, violence, blood, kink, and gore. This is a dark story and I’m pretty sure there will not be a happy ending. Oh, and longness. If you aren’t prepared for something vaguely epic please exit now.
Notes: I’m not exactly sure what brought this story on, except maybe the brain damaged caused by going through high school almost too drunk to function. You’d think four years later my brain would have pulled itself out of that strange dark place but you’d be wrong.

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I would slit my wrists and sell my immortal soul to Satan if it would make the snow stop. I don't know how much more time I can take with the sibbies.

In other news I am offically in love. I bought a Netbook and it is the best thing ever!!!! No more sharing the computer for me. :) Now if I could just learn to type on it efficantly. I'm sure with practice I'll be a pro.


S I'm watching VH1 Soul (it's how I remind myself that I'm actually black) and what shoud come on but the song Mya, Blackstreet, and Mace did for the Rugrats movie.I'm like, 12 all over again. Love it.


Well I'm pretty pissed off. I took a header out of my bed this morning and almost broke my face on my bedside dresser. My face is a crazy puffy mess and I cracked a tooth in half. The back half came out when I was brushing, along with a disturbing amount of blood, and I'm going to yank the front half once the vicodin starts making me feel loopy enough.

I'm not upset about the tooth, for the record. I'm upset because I haven't had a drink or popped a pill in almost five years and now I've taken a vic and have some rum on standby just in case. I don't know how else to get the tooth out without passing out from the pain before I get it out.

I wish I was canadian.

I don't understand

Why people hurt other people. My father died yesterday. Someone shot him and stole his truck. They killed him over a stupid truck, of all things. They left him to bleed to death in the cold, wet street with no reguard for who he was or what he was leaving behind. I am not an angry or hateful person by nature, my dad used to make fun of the fact I always seemed to be happy no matter what was going on, but I honestly believe I hate the person who did this. Hate them so much that I want them dead, honest to god dead, and I hope their family feels the pain that my family feels.

It is not right that some faceless person should be able to change the lives of so many without a thought.

He was a good man, who loved me and my siblings like we were his chldren and treated me better than my biological or an man my mother dated before did. He did things for us, made time for us, and did whatever we needed without question or hesitation. It hurts so bad and I feel like its some fucked up joke and he's going to come walking into the room laughing any mnute now but at the same time I know he's not. There will be no more jokes or stupid stories or goofiness. He isn't going to play with his daughter anymore, or smile at my mother, and we won't have our talks as he drives me to work anymore. It's all just...gone. He's gone and that is so wrong.

I can't sleep or eat or even talk to anyone else without wanting to cry. I think I'll spend the rest of the night on ONTD where I don't have to think or feel or be apart of this strange, dark, wrong world. Maybe tomorrow everything will be back the way I know it is supposed to be.

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Not another Marvel-Wide Crossover Event!

Author: Rochelle B
Fandom: Marvel
Timeline: …no.
Characters/Pairings: All sorts! Cable/Wade for sure, Tony/Steve, Peter/MJ (I list this because it is no longer cannon) and other stuff once I figure out where I’m taking this crazy train.
Summery: Another ultimately evil force has hit the 616 and it’s up to Deadpool to stop it! Well…the Avengers, X-Men, and others are there but mostly Deadpool. And Cable. And Nate Grey. But still, mostly Deadpool.

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Holy Crap

I haven't used this thing in forever. I think its time to, you know, catch up. I'm 20 now, still far shorter than I'd like to be, and rocking a 28/30 waist thanks to the Navy. True, I got seperated out before I could finish (but may go back, as I have that option, yay) but like, two weeks into it and your dramatically smaller and more toned. I only say this because I was once 225+ and to be over a hundred pounds less is fucking sweet.

Anyway, the Navy. I liked it. I should go back.

Anyway, I got a slightly cranky boyfriend (Dana. You'd be cranky if your name was Dana and you were like, 6'3" and very male.) a slightly cool job (amusement parks!) and no direction in like. I like to write and indulge in pointless celeb gossip. I'm planning to go to nursing school eventually. (WiP, for reals)

That, I guess, is all.