chelledbrown (damaliaraya) wrote,

Holy Crap

I haven't used this thing in forever. I think its time to, you know, catch up. I'm 20 now, still far shorter than I'd like to be, and rocking a 28/30 waist thanks to the Navy. True, I got seperated out before I could finish (but may go back, as I have that option, yay) but like, two weeks into it and your dramatically smaller and more toned. I only say this because I was once 225+ and to be over a hundred pounds less is fucking sweet.

Anyway, the Navy. I liked it. I should go back.

Anyway, I got a slightly cranky boyfriend (Dana. You'd be cranky if your name was Dana and you were like, 6'3" and very male.) a slightly cool job (amusement parks!) and no direction in like. I like to write and indulge in pointless celeb gossip. I'm planning to go to nursing school eventually. (WiP, for reals)

That, I guess, is all.
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