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Not another Marvel-Wide Crossover Event!

Author: Rochelle B
Fandom: Marvel
Timeline: …no.
Characters/Pairings: All sorts! Cable/Wade for sure, Tony/Steve, Peter/MJ (I list this because it is no longer cannon) and other stuff once I figure out where I’m taking this crazy train.
Summery: Another ultimately evil force has hit the 616 and it’s up to Deadpool to stop it! Well…the Avengers, X-Men, and others are there but mostly Deadpool. And Cable. And Nate Grey. But still, mostly Deadpool.

Chapter One
And I shall call him…

Being, arguably, the most powerful mutant in more than a few realities did have a few perks. At least it did in Nate Grey’s opinion and since there was no one to dispute him, since he was a disembodied force that floated around the earth, it was pretty much a fact.

It did also have it’s drawbacks though, like responsibility to the world, universe, and multi-verse for starters. That was, for the record, how Nate found himself a disembodied force floating around Earth. The world had been threatened, he’d answered the call, the word ‘Shaman’ had been thrown around, he’d got a cool tattoo-slash-brand on his chest, smote a couple of ’evil-doers’ and now…well, it was pretty obvious where it had landed him.

Another drawback as the systematic lose of his mind. The longer he floated around up here the less and less sense the world below seemed to make and sense there was no way the entire world had gone nuts it had to be him. He had to be hallucinating or…whatever it was disembodied people did. No way had the mutant population been reduced to hundreds; no way there had been a superhero war where people actually sided against Captain America, and he just couldn’t believe his ’father’, the straight laced Scott Summers, was boinking Emma Frost! It was just impossible.

Not that Emma Frost wasn’t hot, because Nate would be hard pressed to imagine more than a handful of women who rivaled Frost in terms of…assets. It just happened that one (or two) of the women he could say was better happened to be the one Summers had been married to. Kind of. Jean and Maddie were technically the same person and so to be married to one was, in essence, kind of like being married to the other, and cheating on either was insane..

Then again Nate had issues, what with having a thing for the clone of the woman who, in another universe, had been half of the genetic material he’d been built from.

…so basically he’d made out with his mother and, when he thought about it in those terms, it was painfully obvious that he’d been fairly insane before his current situation.

All of that aside, he was going nuts. Nothing made sense anymore and that kind of scared him. Not for himself of course, he wasn’t even sure he was ‘alive’ anymore, but for his adopted home and the people who lived there. It was all spiraling into chaos and with each passing day he could feel a darkness like he’d never imagined creeping ever closer. It was attracted to the chaos and the worse it got the more delighted the darkness became.

Whatever it was made Apocalypse look like the Pope, but without the ambiguous Nazi ties, and Nate wasn’t sure that the world’s heroes would be able to pull their heads out of their collective behinds fast enough to save the day.

He wanted to be able to float up here, contemplating his declining sanity, in peace and not trouble himself with the crap about to go down on Earth. Hadn’t he already made the ultimate sacrifice when you really thought about it? Hadn’t he done more than enough, giving those billions and billions of people a few more sunrises only to have them continue to waste it? They didn’t deserve his help.

Even if he wanted nothing more than to give it.

But he was fairly useless beyond the role he was playing. He had no body, no real ‘power’ anymore, and no way to communicate with anyone on Earth. He’d gone from pretty powerful to little more than vapor. It was the kind of thing that could really give a guy inadequacy issues and the last thing he needed was more of those.

“I understand your pain.” The voice, which wasn’t a voice because Nate didn’t have ears and thus was more of a projection into his head than anything, was amused. It was hard to describe what he did next because he couldn’t ‘see’ in the traditional sense and he certainly couldn’t turn to face a person or anything like that; he supposed he could only describe it as being ‘aware’ of a presence in his mind.

The presence was one he knew. Shit, everyone was hadn’t been dead since the 80’s knew who she was and had probably felt the effects of her power at some point in time. She, or it maybe, was the Phoenix, a force that could swallow planets, destroy universes, and make hairy Canadian men act like school girls with nothing but a glance. Oh, and the aforementioned alternate-reality version of his ’mother’.

She ’smiled’, seemingly amused by his thoughts. She was dressed in white, gold-red silhouette of a bird shimmering around her body. “Hello Nate.”

He didn’t say anything, being rather out of practice with interacting with other beings. He didn’t think a response was really needed when you were chatting with a god though, she probably knew what he was thinking before he even thought it.

She laughed and it sounded a lot like a bird screaming, but not as grating as that would imply. For a second all of his awareness was gone: he was gone, the earth was gone, and she was gone.

And then he was back but…different.

He could see, with eyes, and what he saw was himself. Tan skin, muscular build, that annoying piece of floppy white hair that was always in his damn face, fingers toes…the whole nine yards.

Oh, and he was floating in space. Naked.

They’d talked before, had even gotten as close as a clone from a different Earth could get with his ’parents’ but he’d never seen he like this, and now that he was standing in front of her with his dangly bits flopping around he didn’t have a single thought in his head. Well, actually, he had a few but they all centered around the general theme of ‘just because a few people say I could probably take Phoenix does not make it true’.

“Something bad is coming Nate Grey, something that will destroy life as we know it.”

He didn’t want to sound sarcastic or anything like that in front of her but he couldn’t keep himself from replying: “Again?”

She chuckled softly, green eyes shimmering in the reflected starlight. “Yes, again. This time is different though. Without help there is no way Earth’s protectors will be able to respond in time. They’ve splintered apart, gone to war, killed their friends, made potentially fatal alliances, and lost sight of what is truly important. The Earth is a much darker place than it used to be and that will be its undoing.”


To her credit she didn’t look the least bit annoyed with him. “The world isn’t perfect but it’s not a lost cause just yet. It’s up to people like us to defend it.”

“I did. I scattered my being across the world to stop Anti-man and it hasn’t done much good.” He was going to do whatever it took to save this world of course but he felt like he had to do something other than agree blindly. “Haven’t I done enough?”

She shrugged. “Have you?”

There was something very strange about the way she blended Jean Grey and all Powerful God (more of less) together so flawlessly. It was almost like he was in Alaska, talking about his life before falling into her world and not having a weird conversation in space.

He looked down at the world, a marble full of white, blue, and green, that he’d literally been apart of on a cellular level for longer than he really know. He’d been the air, the water, the ground, and the people and though he could no longer feel a connection to any of that he knew it was still true. But, as surely as Nate Grey knew he wouldn’t turn his back on the world, he knew that sudden resurrection always came at a steep price.

“So what, we take a little trip down there and inform the general spandex wearing crowd to put aside their differences or else? What do you need me for?”

Her eyes held a glint of mischief that made him decidedly uncomfortable. Her smile widened as she, undoubtedly, heard his thoughts. “People like you and I, with power like ours, have to play by certain cosmic rules. Any time a being with massive power appears there is always something there to balance their power but you, like me, found a way around that.”

She gestured at the X emblazoned across his chest. Once upon a time his powers were destined to use him up and burn him out, leaving him nothing but a hollow shell, but he’d merged with another version of himself and that had ceased to be a problem. He’d had a unimaginable power inside of him and it had become all but limitless. He was, in essence, a God walking the earth.

Then he’d died.

He supposed he could kind of see what she was saying in that respect.

“What do the Cosmic Rules say about me?”

“That you shouldn’t exist. You, Nathan, Rachel and the many versions there are…you’re anomalies that the Higher Powers do not appreciate.” Her tone was deathly serious and in his mind’s eye Nate could see Jean standing before shadowy figures pleading the case for not just one, but three such anomalies to exist on one world at the same time. Not a single one of them was her child by birth but she loved each of them enough to stand before beings that could end her with ease.

And the fact that there was something out there that could take The Phoenix out? More than a little bit scary.

He could feel her ‘touch’ a soft psychic brush that echoed softly in his brain like what he imagine a mother’s touch was like for ‘normal’ people.

“I can’t change the course of events myself and I can’t send you back the way you were.” She reached out and touched him, palm warm against his cheek and smelling like lemon and flour, of all possible things. “But I can send you back. I am the White Phoenix of the Crown, and I am your mother. I can’t think of a better use for infinite power.” She paused, head tilting. “If you’re willing.”

Well how the hell was he going to say no to that? “So what do I do? Look up Dad or something?”

She put her free hand on the other side of his face and leaned in, pressing a light kiss to his forehead and, somewhere deep his brain, he knew he’d never felt so loved in his life.

His vision was flood with light, a white-hot light and his world burned.


Wade Wilson, also known to loyal readers as Deadpool, frowned at the man who’d appeared in his apartment in a ball of white flame. The carpet was toast, which didn’t bother him too much since he was pretty far from getting the security deposit back anyway, but it stank like burning hair and that kind of sucked.

Though it did bring back some fond memories, like that time he’d set one of his targets on fire just to watch him dance. He sighed almost dreamily, remembering the way the man had twisted and gyrated like there was techno music playing in his head; he really missed days like that. The whole trying to be a hero thing meant that that kind of fun and frivolity was now out of the window.

And, on the subject of fireballs enveloping people, he was pretty sure that’s what should have happened to the guy he’d mentioned earlier. Instead he seemed fine, other than being unconscious and lying on Wade’s scorched carpet. Wade frowned, glancing at his TV. He’d finally gotten that TiVO crap only to find he didn’t really trust it. How did it know what he wanted to watch anyway? What were these damn ’suggestions’ it kept throwing at him and why were they so damn accurate? Was it a plot? Was it reading his brain somehow, copying all of the information to create some kind of ultimate Deadpool neutralizing weapon and if so, who’d made it?

He’d put his money on Norman Osbourne. That was a man with some serious personality issues who should really seek some professional help, in Wade's humble view.

Rachel Ray was demonstrating the best way to lube a turkey, which Wade had to admit he thought was kind of erotic and yet disturbing. It reminded him of WD40 who reminded him of Nate which reminded him that Nate was dead and that he was kind of lonely. Cable had taken that Mutant Jesus thing as far as he could which basically meant dying for a bunch of people you've never met, and shit just wasn't the same.

He felt like someone had cut him open and taken one of his important but not vital organs out of his body and it hadn't grown back. This wasn't the case of course, as he'd already checked it out himself and kidnapped a med-student to double check for him. She'd been pretty weird about the whole thing, like she'd never seen a guy slice himself open and demand she count all the squishy parts before.

"oh shit." The man, who sounded more like a kid than anything else, muttered as he unsteadily pushed himself up to his feet. Wade allowed this, katana clutched in one hand and the other holding a gun. You could never be too careful about this kind of crap these days. He could have been working for the government, or Weapon X, or a Jahova's Witness or something.

The kid managed to steady himself and then turned, an expression of thoughtful dismay on his face. "I'm still naked."

Wade wanted to agree with him but he couldn't find the words to do so. An odd occurance since he'd read a book called Witty Hero and Villian Quips a few years back and wasn't even half way through that material yet. His brain had, for the first time, totally stopped. Not even his yellow boxes were offering anything except the sound of crickets chirping.

He understodd now what the TiVO was up to. It'd read his mind and found his one true weakness then created the perfect Deadpool stopping weapon: A young, naked, and very nubile Cable.

He was fucked.

I hope I did an okay Nate (who will henceforth be known as Grey, because Cable is older and wiser and has big guns.) and Wade. I've never written either before but...well, we'll see. So...welcome to my great big ambitious epic Marvel story. *confetti*
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