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For Your Entertainment
Author: Rochelle B
Fandom: Sanctuary
Spoilers: Everything, not including the ‘Kali’ stuff.
Pairings: Henry/OMC and Ashley/Kate. I think. Also one sided Henry/Ash and Henry/Kate and some Ashley/OMC for good measure.
Un-beated, but if anyone out there is offering…
Summary: Obsession is like love, only dark, twisted, and oh so wrong…so really, nothing like love. Ashley isn’t dead and Henry should be thrilled but the newest Sanctuary resident is all he can think about.
Rating: Nc-17. This will eventually get dirty. Yay.
Warnings: Boys touching Boys, language, violence, blood, kink, and gore. This is a dark story and I’m pretty sure there will not be a happy ending. Oh, and longness. If you aren’t prepared for something vaguely epic please exit now.
Notes: I’m not exactly sure what brought this story on, except maybe the brain damaged caused by going through high school almost too drunk to function. You’d think four years later my brain would have pulled itself out of that strange dark place but you’d be wrong.

Chapter One

Henry knew something was up when he when Ashley all but forced him to venture down to the shooting range with her. He used the word ‘range’ loosely, as it was really more of a room underneath the Sanctuary that Magnus had outfitted for her daughter to do various homicidal things in. She worked out, shot at things, and whatever else was necessary for her particular brand of field work in that room.

Henry chose to stay as far away from it as possible unless Ashley asked him to join her. He was, as he’d tried to explain to her on various occasions, a labrat, damn happy to be a labrat, and had no desire to be a Master Monster Hunter like her.

Admittedly knowing how to use a gun had proven helpful on more than one occasion and he supposed it was good that he knew the basics of self-defense but that didn’t change the fact that the work he preferred to do had nothing to do with what kind of shape he was in.

Another reason he didn’t like to hang out in Ashley’s ‘Special Place’ was how uncomfortable it’d always made him. Getting hot and sweaty with Ashley while she kicked his ass was just awkward. Add that awkwardness to the fact that the room was covered in her scent, a scent that had used to drive him almost out of his mind, and it was just a recipe for disaster.

Ashley more or less seemed to get he wasn’t up for her band of fun and so it was a surprise when he’d stumbled out his room around noon and found the blond waiting right outside of his door, practically vibrating with energy.

When he said vibrating he meant it. For whatever reason when she got overly anxious or agitated it caused her teleporting abilities to act up, making it look like she was flickering in and out of existence while dark red energy swirled around her body. It was a crazy thing to witness and the primary reason he’d agreed to spend his afternoon with her and forgo the work he had.

He sighed and slid the empty clip out of the gun he was using to shoot at paper targets with Ashley. Her shoots were perfect, all head or heart shots, and his were slightly less so. Normally she’d be teasing him and letting him know that this was exactly why he needed the practice but today she was quiet.

It was starting to creep Henry out.

Ashley squeezed off two more shots then lowered her arm. She looked down at the gun for a long moment then set it on the small table between them. Henry did the same, feeling a shift in the air around them. He hated that, the way he could literally feel a dark kind of energy building when they were close to each other.

Ashley had been back for almost four months but for that first painfully long month she hadn’t been anything close to her old self. She was quiet, closed off…haunted. They hadn’t known what had happened, where she had been, or what had lead to her showing up on their doorstep soaked all the way through and in a catatonic state and she sure as hell hadn’t been talking about it.

She still didn’t talk about it. Henry knew it bother the others, especially Will strangely enough. Henry imagined her silence offended his inner, or not so inner, shrink.

She was more like herself now, but not really. She pretended of course but Henry could see through her like she was made of glass. Ashley was a lot of things to him, a series of strange and disturbing contradictions really. She was like his younger sister, one of his best friends, and the girl he’d always known he couldn’t have all in one neat package.

It was safe to say he knew her pretty well.

Even if he hadn’t known her and didn’t notice the dark thoughtful looks when she thought no one was looking, the new sense of electric tension between them made it clear she’d come back changed. The beast inside of him had been possessive of Ashley, in that it thought of her as family, and so Henry had always been hyper aware or her and her moods. Now it was terrified of her, retreating to the furthest corner of Henry’s mind whenever she was around. Wherever she’d been she’d brought back something that made Henry’s hair stand on end and set his teeth on edge.

He didn’t like the feeling but, like so much else in his life it was beyond his control; yet another barrier between the two of them, as if he actually needed any more.

He was better at controlling himself and found he could even use the beast if he really put his mind to it, but that didn’t change the fact that he had an animal lurking beneath his skin and waiting to escape the moment he let his guard down. No amount of meditation or medication could change what he was or what Ashley had become.

They could be friends, family, but Henry knew that was as far as it would ever go. The wolf would never allow it; it would pretend to be compliant and allow itself to be used but Henry knew it was a tenuous relationship at best. If he pushed it too far or tried to force too much he knew there would be a struggle and he wasn’t positive he would win.

Everyday the wolf seemed to grow, becoming a stronger presence in Henry’s mind. It was still content to lurk in the back and watch but who knew how long that would last.

“Do you remember my friend Blair?” Ashley asked suddenly, jarring him from his thoughts. She plucked the ear plugs she used to muffle the sounds of their shots out of her ears as she spoke. Henry had them in as well, but they did little considering his sensitive hearing.

“I guess.” He said slowly, not wanting to give away how much hearing her mention the name made his teeth itch.

Henry has met Blair Logan two times over the years. He knew Blair’s family was friends of Magnus’s and very active in the Abnormal community, going so far as to have founded a small community in Arizona where Abnormals and their families could live. Magnus had sent Ashley there every year over the summer to give her a chance to socialize with the children there, an activity that had never interested Henry.

It probably wouldn’t have interested Ashley either, as she wasn’t the most social person in the world, if not for the fact she’d found a friend in Blair. They had been close and something about that had always rubbed Henry the wrong way. He knew, logically, that it was his jealously that had made him hate Blair
before they’d even met, but that did nothing to change the fact that he’d secretly harbored a serious grudge.

The first time they’d met was Ashley’s sixteenth birthday. Blair had been little more than a skinny blond kid, slightly shorter than Ashley, with awkwardly big hands and feet and a voice so quiet Henry had to strain to hear anything he said. Henry really hadn’t seen anything about him that would make Ashley, as loud and forceful as she was, want to be around him.

He’d understood their friendship even less when he’s stumbled in on a heated embrace, a mix of pale skin, lips, and teeth that had left Henry angry and strangely breathlessly. He remembered the way the teens had stumbled away from each other, a blush coloring the boy while Ashley glared at Henry like she wanted to shoot him.

The next time he’d seen Blair had been the day after Ashley’s memorial. It had been a brief encounter; he’d walked in to Magnus’s office to find her staring down the younger man, a strange sad silence hanging between them. Henry’s arrival had seemed to startle them both. Blair had glanced at him, face hidden by the hood of his jacket save for dark eyes brimming with wetness, before shoving his hands into his pockets and storming out of the room.

Magnus had looked not just said but defeated as well. Henry had watched her walk over to the window, looking as if she now longer saw him, and stare out. He’d stayed for a moment then left, unable to stand the look on her face.

Even after Ashley had come back to them there hadn’t been a mention of him, which may have been strange if Henry had ever stopped to think about it.

He hadn’t though. Life hadn’t calmed down just because Ashley had come back from the dead, or wherever she’d been.

“Mom is bringing him up from Arizona.” Ashley looked at him, eyes reflecting her unease.

Henry didn’t get it. People came and went every day. “Okay. And?”

Her fingers found their way into her hair and began to twist a strand around. “There’s been some stuff going on. People have gone missing and some people thing a demon or monster has been taking them. A monster with wings.” Ashley added the last part almost hesitantly, as if worried about what Henry would say.

She didn’t have to worry; Henry honestly didn’t have any thoughts worth sharing on the matter. He could only think of the boy with the big hands and feet who didn’t look like he was coordinated enough to walk let alone fly into the night after kidnapping people.

“There’s no proof that it’s him, or that it’s anything at all, so Mom’s keeping it quiet while she investigates. She told Will and me, of course, and now I’m telling you.” Her hands fell to her side abruptly

The skin between Ashley’s eyes wrinkled with the intensity of her frown. The tension between them was growing and the wolf was nervous. Henry had an image of the animal pacing with agitation and could feel it starting to press against his mind. It itched, like a million bugs walking around underneath his skin.

“We’ve been talking. Email mostly, but I haven’t told mom.” She said finally, the tell-tale sound of guilt in her voice. “He’s different than he was before, but I don’t think he’d ever hurt anybody.”

Henry wanted to walk away, climb back into bed, and start his day over. Ashley was going to ask for his help, which wasn’t an unheard of event: he was, after all, her older brother in every way except genetically. They’d grown up together, knew each other better than most could ever hope to, and in their own ways they’d always been there for each other as best they could.

That was what family was for after all.

Henry was beginning to realize he’d been very fucked up long before he’d started transforming into a big hairy wolf-like creature.

“What do you need me to do?”

She beamed at him and once again he felt the air around them change, this time warming up and becoming lighter. “Just be nice. Just…you‘re the only person who hasn‘t asked me any questions about where I was or what happened. That means a lot to me.”

Henry wanted to tell her that he didn’t care where she’d been, so long as she was here now, but he just nodded. “I can do that.”

Yes. Well. There you go. This story used to be called 'Fucking Up Takes Practice' but I changed it when it occured to me not everyone wants to have my dirty mouth all ove their friend's page.  

Tags: fye, sanctuary, slash
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